Coach Trips for Singles

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Combining adventure with connection

At Johnsons, we know how the experience of travel can be enhanced when you’re in good company. Embarking on a new adventure or perhaps even revisiting a favourite holiday spot can be immeasurably more pleasurable when you share your time with others. Our coach singles holidays offer the chance to make new connections and enjoy the company of new friends in new places and we believe your memories will be all the richer for it.

Our singles coach holidays are designed to allow you flexibility and balance on your trip; with optimum socialising time coupled with comfort breaks and opportunities for solo moments built in. You can choose where you want to go from our huge ranges of destinations across the UK and coach holiday package offers.

Meaningful encounters with people and places

At Johnsons we have decades of experience in offering top of the range coach travel experiences to all of our customer. One of the perks of attending our coach holiday for singles is that you can enjoy the same excitement and adventure of a standard holiday with an increased chance of forming friendships and connecting with new people.

The simplicity of coach travel

As with all of Johnsons coach holidays, travelling by coach offers a relaxing and easy pace of journey. From short trips to longer excursions and coach holidays all around the UK, we offer a ride in comfort, safety and style. Our highly trained drivers are experts in navigating and handling your journey whilst the holiday group is on the move. So all you need to do on your singles coach holiday is sit back and enjoy the ride knowing your schedule and route are taken care of. This leaves our single holiday goers with more time to encounter fellow passengers and get involved in the group.

Someone known and someone new

Perhaps you’re looking to meet someone who is just like you or maybe you’re hoping to meet someone who is a little bit different? Our singles holidays offer you the unique opportunity to meet and travel with a new group of people whilst mutually enjoying your chosen holiday trip. Whoever you are, on a Johnsons singles coach holiday, you are bound to meet and learn about some new and interesting fellow human beings.

Why choose Johnsons Coaches for your singles break?

As a long-established company, our customers choose us to receive quality service and a reliably relaxing experience. Our singles holiday packages attract a great many ages and we have specific offerings for coach trips for singles over 50 and coach trips for singles over 60.

Our luxury fleet of coaches offer a premium transportation experience. From the spacious seat-belted plush seats, to the onboard toilets and air conditioning, we put comfort and safety first for all of our customers. For longer holiday excursions our executive coaches also have on board entertainment and refreshments for your convenience and enjoyment.

If you’d like to find out more about what our coach holidays for singles are like and which trips we offer you can email us on or call us on 01564 797000.

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