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Coach Hire for Events

If you are looking for an easy travel solution for your event, then Johnsons can help. Established for over 100 years, we have a wealth of experience in handling all group sizes. Our large fleet of modern coaches are great for transporting your guests to and from hotels, airports and railway stations to event venues. Based in the Midlands we have easy access to the major motorway networks and within easy distance of the NEC and NIA.

We also have a fleet of modern buses, most with low floor easy access, for high volume short movements to ease traffic congestion and improve the logistics of the events.

Previous Event Work

Olympics 2012

We have previously worked with many large and small organisations in running the transport for their events including three contracts at the 2012 Olympics in London and Coventry.

European Wheelchair Basketball Championships

In August 2015, we provided transport for the European Wheelchair Basketball Championships for the participating teams and the Technical Officials, see the short video below.


"We hired Johnsons to provide the entire transport operations for the European Wheelchair Basketball Championships in Worcester at the end of August - beginning of September. This included airport pick-ups for teams and individuals as well as the shuttle service to and from the accommodation and the sports arena. The service provided throughout the event was nothing short of excellent - the buses ran on time and the drivers were always very friendly and well-presented. In addition, working with the Johnsons' team (John, Sarah, Jonathan and Tony) was a real pleasure as their positive, "can-do" attitude made our job as event organisers much easier. I would recommend Johnsons to any event organisation looking for a reliable transport company and wouldn't hesitate to hire them again." 
Joanna Sutherland, European Wheelchair Basketball Championships Event Director

British Wheelchair Basketball

Following on from the European Wheelchair Basketball Championships we have been selected on numerous occasions to provide the transport for British Wheelchair Basketball for their various championships throughout the year. 


"Everything about Johnsons has been perfect, from the initial enquiry, to meetings about the transport of the event, to the event itself - everything went smoothly, and was an area of the event that I do not need to worry about I can not recommend Johnson enough - they are brilliant"
Franky Harper - British Wheelchair Basketball Events Officer

UK Corporate Games

We were also the official coach travel operator for the UK Corporate Games which came to Coventry and Warwick in 2013 and we the official travel providers for the Stratford Food Festival and Stratford Home & Garden Show last summer which involved running shuttle buses throughout the day to the event from the town centre.

If you would like to discuss how Johnsons can help with your event, then please get in touch with our Coach Hire team on 01564 797 010 or email [email protected].

Why should you hire a coach for events? 

The events industry is back! There is nothing quite like the buzz of an event. Big or small, events are a great place for networking, advertising, and boosting the morale of your hardworking employees. Depending on the event intentions; event coach hire could be your perfect solution for large people movements.  

Advantages of event coach hire 


If you are taking several groups of people to the same event, it can bring people together and create a positive energy. Corporate events with a mix of businesses being collected and transported to the venue is a great place to start the networking! Maybe it’s for a sporting event, a group of people supporting the same team travelling together to Wembley for a cup final! Start the experience with likeminded people. 

Less stressful travel 

Travelling to an event can be stressful, especially if it is anticipated to have a high volume of traffic. Being stuck in traffic in a place you’ve never been to before is stressful, event coach hires allow you to relax and enjoy the scenery. 

Cost effective 

If multiple participants are traveling from the same place, then they will all be using their own cars or expensive train tickets. This could be a logistical nightmare as more cars means more traffic. It also will lead to much more expensive mileage claims for your business.  

More environmentally friendly 

One of the more important factors, all businesses have an obligation to be greener, in light of climate change. A coach is perfect as it is one vehicle that can transport up to 75 people, depending on the coach you need, which drastically reduces your carbon footprint. What’s more, many of Johnsons’ coaches have Euro 6 engines, an investment that helps support the introduction of Low Emission Zones recently introduced.

Who would need to hire a Coach? 

There are multiple reasons you may need to hire a coach, from mini-buses to executive coach hire, Johnsons Coaches are equipped for all your event coach hire needs! Planning a team bonding exercise? Maybe you have a big meeting at corporate HQ? Most people dread the travel as it is stressful and off putting. Best way to alleviate your teams' worries is to take care of the travel for them. It will be cheaper as well. Do you have children in your school and you are taking them to the national science museum? You need to offer them safe travel as part of your duties of care, and a coach is both safe and economical. 

Why should you hire a coach for events with Johnsons? 

At Johnsons, we have been operating in the West Midlands since 1909 and we are still a family run business. We have won multiple awards for our services. Johnsons offers specialised coach hire for large events, holidays, day trips and much more. Please do get in touch with us today if you have any questions!

What USPs can Johnsons offer you?  

Our motto has been the same for a very long time, “travel with Johnsons – travel with friends”. Our mission is to give you something unforgettable and treat you more than just a client. Johnsons treat all our friends with the respect they deserve, and want to be treated with. Johnsons offer great prices, great care, and great experiences for everyone of all ages. Call us on 01564 797 010 for all your event coach hire needs and let us see the world together!

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