Our Couriers

You’ll be well cared for!

All of our holidays are fully escorted by an experienced holiday ‘courier’ who provides friendly, enthusiastic and knowledgeable customer care to help make your holiday even more enjoyable, memorable and fun!

In addition our professional drivers are rated as the best in the industry. You’ll be impressed with their skills, experience and helpfulness – and between them, our drivers and couriers will ensure that you have a wonderful time away.

Meet The Team:

We sat two of our couriers, Karen and Liz down for a chat about what they most enjoy about being a Johnsons courier:

"In 2009 I decided I wanted a new direction in my life and applied to Johnsons to be one of their couriers.

I get asked quite a lot what my favourite place is - to which I answer I have favourite hotels and favourite itineraries! The Scilly Isles is probably the top with a great hotel, fab staff and great location. Along with the Golden Sands Hotel in Jersey. I loved the Constable Country tour and The National Trust Properties of North Yorkshire.

I feel Johnsons tours take a very different line than their competitors. Our passengers are not just names - we know a dozen passengers from previous holidays, and we go the extra mile, getting to know them all. And hopefully by the end of the holiday, they will have made friends, who in a lot of instances will keep in touch."

Karen Bain, Johnsons Courier

"I have worked for Johnsons for over five years. Although I have a full time job, I love the variety which being a courier allows me.

One of my favourite resorts is Sidmouth, which I was introduced to by Johnsons. It offers serenity which soothes the soul!

Having cruised for over 50 years - I think there is no better way to travel! With a Johnsons cruise a feeder driver collects you and your suitcase from home...and they next time you are reunited with your case is in the cabin. Hang up your clothes and head for a snack, bar, beauty salon, gym, or simply watch the world go by!

The Orient Express offers the most exciting experience to celebrate a special occasion! I love to watch passenger’s faces as they arrive. The anticipation as the train arrives, then boarding the train - when a handsome man in perfect livery shows them their seat, thereafter luxury all the way!

Christmas is always a special time for family and friends. Who better than to spend this time with - than passengers who have become friends. The hotels used are always of the highest standard. For those who choose to dodge the kitchen chores or experiencing this emotional time of year can be assured of a memorable time with Johnsons".

Liz Basnett, Johnsons Courier

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