Blackpool Coach Holiday

Why should you visit Blackpool by coach? 

A visit to Blackpool is a journey to the heart of Britain's vibrant seaside culture. With its inviting seafront, bustling promenade, and rich array of attractions, Blackpool is a destination that promises fun, excitement, and adventure. Now, imagine making this trip aboard a luxurious coach with all the comforts you could wish for. That's what we at Johnsons Coaches offer with our coach trips to Blackpool. 

Advantages of Coach Travel with Us 

When you choose to travel with us, you opt for convenience, luxury, and a rich travel experience. We ensure that every part of the journey is taken care of, so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the scenic views. 

What is a coach trip to Blackpool with Johnsons like? 

At Johnsons, our coach trips to Blackpool are more than just a ride; they are an unforgettable holiday experience

Inside Our Luxury Coaches 

Our coaches are equipped with plush seats, Club Class Extra Legroom, and our own professional drivers. We make sure your journey is enjoyable from start to finish. 

What sights are on offer with Johnsons Coaches in Blackpool? 

We proudly offer diverse and attractive packages for coach holidays to Blackpool: 

Blackpool Tower 

Blackpool Tower, standing at 518 feet, is one of the most famous landmarks in Blackpool. With us, you can ascend to the top and take in breathtaking views of the city and coastline. Whether you're enjoying a romantic moment or a family adventure, the glass-floored SkyWalk offers a thrilling perspective. Don't forget to explore the Tower Dungeon or join in a dance at the elegant Tower Ballroom. 

Pleasure Beach 

Join us for a day at Blackpool Pleasure Beach, the UK's most ride-intensive amusement park. With over 125 rides and attractions, there's something for everyone. Feel the adrenaline rush on the Big One, the UK's tallest roller coaster, or enjoy gentler rides suitable for younger family members. We ensure that your coach trip includes the excitement and joy this park has to offer. 

Blackpool Zoo 

At Blackpool Zoo, we'll guide you through a world of wildlife in beautifully landscaped settings. Encounter animals from all continents, from African elephants to South American parrots. The zoo's dedication to conservation and education adds depth to your visit. Whether you want to feed giraffes or learn about endangered species, Blackpool Zoo offers an inspiring day out with us. 

Winter Gardens Blackpool 

The Winter Gardens in Blackpool is a complex of theatres and conference facilities that has been entertaining visitors since 1878. We'll lead you through its stunning architecture and history, from Opera House Theatre to the Spanish Hall. Check the calendar for a variety of shows, concerts, and exhibitions that you can enjoy as part of our coach holidays to Blackpool. 

Blackpool Illuminations 

Every autumn, Blackpool transforms into a city of light with the Blackpool Illuminations. Ride along with us as we take you on a magical tour through six miles of dazzling displays, featuring over a million bulbs. The festival captures the imagination of young and old alike, and our coach trips to Blackpool will ensure you don't miss this spectacular event. 

The Piers 

Blackpool's three piers – North, Central, and South – are landmarks in their own right. With us, you can explore these Victorian marvels, each offering unique experiences. North Pier provides a more traditional, relaxed atmosphere with its sun lounge and theatre. Central Pier is lively with its funfair and dance bar, while South Pier offers adrenaline-pumping rides. Enjoy shopping, dining, or simply strolling along these iconic seafront structures with our guided tours. 

Why choose Johnsons for a coach holiday trip to Blackpool? 

We at Johnsons Coaches believe in making travel a luxurious experience. Our coach trips to Blackpool stand out for their quality service, entertainment, comfort, and guided tours. A trip to Blackpool with Johnsons Coaches is an unforgettable adventure filled with beautiful landmarks and lively entertainment. We invite you to experience Blackpool with us. From the grand Blackpool Tower to the thrilling Pleasure Beach, we make sure you enjoy all that this fantastic city has to offer. Ready to embark on a journey with us? Visit our booking page or call us today. Your dream holiday awaits, and we are here to make it happen.  Click here to visit our other Holiday Destinations!


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