35 Years of Holidays

Date Added 29/01/2016

Christmas seems a long time ago already, but I enjoyed seeing off over 700 customers who joined us on our festive programme…

Long-standing customers

And that got me thinking! I saw so many familiar faces during this time—so many customers, many of whom have probably been holidaying with us for donkeys years! And I realised we’ve been offering holidays for more than 35 years—Mum and I did the first one, to Fort William in 1981—no I wasn’t in short trousers!

So I’d be interested to hear more and learn more about some of our customers’ long history with Johnsons.

If you’ve travelled with us for anything like 20 years or more we’d love to hear from you.

Please just write to me or email me at

Tell us about your memories

We’d love to hear about where you went? Who were the driver and courier? Which hotel did you stay at? - I have at least 5 hotels that we’ve used for over 20 years—and you may already know that 2016 will be the first holiday brochure we’ve published without the Ponsmere Hotel at Perranporth it! (Peter Batchelor has sold it for apartments).

I look forward to hearing from you.

Best Wishes

John Johnson

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