Johnsons Coaches Trial UK's First Full Electric Zero Emission Coach

Date Added 15/12/2023

We are thrilled with our latest trial – the first-ever fully electric zero-emission coach in the UK. This coach received ULEB certification in August 2020, making it an impressive temporary addition to our fleet.

The electric coach has not only supported our green strategy but has ensured customer satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do, in terms of reducing emissions but also in providing a quieter and smoother ride for our passengers. We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint and investing in sustainable solutions where possible. Our internal Eco-officer Sophie Parker commented “Together, we can make a positive impact on the environment and create a better future for generations to come”. 

The 50-passenger coach boasts front and centre passenger doors on the near side, with a centre door and floor section designed for the fitment of a slot-in wheelchair lift. Its electric drive line and control system are identical to those used in the E10, E12 and airport buses. 

With a 281Kwh battery, operators can expect a range of well over 200 miles on a full charge. It can be charged using a 60Kwh, 90Kwh or 120Kwh DC charger, and a full charge is possible in less than two hours. Our team is proud to provide and consider potential eco-friendly transportation options that are both efficient and convenient. 

This fully electric zero-emission coach is a game-changer in the transportation industry, as it provides a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to traditional diesel-powered coaches. Not only does it reduce carbon emissions and help combat climate change, but it also improves air quality, making it a healthier option for passengers and communities. 

In addition, the coach's electric drive line and control system are identical to those used in other electric buses, allowing for easier maintenance and repair. Its 281Kwh battery and range of over 200 miles on a single charge make it a reliable and efficient option for long-distance travel. 

Head of Operations Ashley Brown shared his thoughts “The introduction of the electric coach to our fleet has been a fantastic addition. The vehicle drives superbly, and our drivers have thoroughly enjoyed testing it out. They have provided us with positive feedback, which is always great to hear.  Our passion is to create a greener future for Johnsons and improve overall sustainability.” 

We are excited to trail the new addition to our fleet and look forward to continuing to provide innovative and sustainable transportation solutions to our customers where possible.  

We carried out a questionnaire to get feedback from drivers and customers who got experience the electric coach.  

After receiving feedback from our customers and drivers, it's evident that the electric coach was very popular! 50% of respondents found it to be extremely comfortable than a normal coach. Most customers preferred the 2 exit doors, which helped avoid congestion when exiting the vehicle. From a driver's perspective, it was initially challenging to operate and had some hidden tricks, but after getting used to it, it was a delightful ride. Overall, all would recommend the electric coach.

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