All's Well That Ends Well

Date Added 11/07/2016

Johnsons Coach Travel would like to say a big thank you to everyone who took part in our Bard on Bard campaign. We received so many photographs and were thrilled with the response that the campaign received.

Not only was it a fun way to raise money for charity, the Bard on Board campaign is now widely recognised across the Travel and Tourism industry, winning 2 awards, including the UK Coach Awards’ ‘Coach Marketing Award’ and the National Coach Tourism Awards’ ‘Coach Tourism Innovation’. We are so proud to have elevated our profile across the industry as well as and raising money for The Shakespeare Hospice and of course celebrating William Shakespeare himself!

Thank you to everyone who sent in photographs posing as the Bard. Below is a list of the winning photographs, and each of the monthly winners will receive a £20 High Street shopping voucher. However, is doesn’t end there…

We would like you to choose your overall winner.

Please choose your favourite photograph and send your nomination to

Please click here to see the winning entries 

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