Redefining Coach Travel Myths

Date Added 22/02/2024

At Johnsons Coaches we try to diminish any negative stereotypes associated with coach travel. Here are a few examples of our commonly used statements that we believe AREN’T true!

‘I’m too young to go on a coach holiday’

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‘Coach travel is bad for the environment’

Coaches are among the cleanest, greenest vehicles on our roads, with average carbon dioxide emissions per passenger per journey being around 5 times lower than air travel, 6 times lower than car travel and 1.5 times lower than rail. Along with this, one coach load of people which can keep up approximately 20-30 cars off the roads amounts to notable savings in carbon dioxide emissions. When calculated per person, coaches can slash greenhouse emissions by up to 75% compared to even the cleanest, hybrid cars.

‘I can’t go on a coach holiday on my own’

Single Travellers make up 9% of our customer base and we offer multiple holidays a year focused on our Single Travellers. At Johnsons we pride ourselves as being a family run business and our motto 'Travel with Johnsons, Travel with Friends' is at the heart of everything we do. We are well known for looking after our many customers who need a single room. We are constantly increasing the amount of single bedded rooms or double rooms for sole occupancy to ensure we are catering for your needs.

‘Coach travel is inconvenient for luggage’

Our coaches offer spacious and secure luggage compartments, ensuring you can bring everything you need for your journey at no extra cost. Pack without limitations and enjoy the convenience of hassle-free storage. We offer door to door travel, so you don't have to worry about carrying your luggage too far. You can bring your mobility scooters or trolleys on board (as long as they are foldable)!

‘I won’t be able to go to the toilet on a long journey’

All coaches are equipped with onboard restrooms and depending on the length of journey there will be opportunities to stop at service stations.

‘Coaches are uncomfortable’

Johnsons are proud to service a fleet of spacious vehicles, offering extra legroom seats on club class coaches. We currently have 5 Luxury traveller coaches with reclinable seats and extendable leg supports. Our coaches also have air conditioning, Wi-Fi, entertainment systems, and charging ports, stay connected and entertained with the latest in onboard technology in the majority of our vehicles.


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