Wonderful Weymouth Memories from Mr & Mrs Hodgson!

Date Added 04/04/2023

We were absolutely delighted when recently two of our lovely customers reached out to us to share their memories of Weymouth and we believed it was too good not to share!

Mr & Mrs Hodson have travelled to Weymouth for 53 consecutive years, from 1971 to 2023. With his parents retiring there in 1971, they visited regularly to keep in touch and after the death of his mother in 2004 at the age of 94, they took over the house which they then sold in 2010. Thereafter, they continued to regularly visit Weymouth but stayed in hotels.

They have many fond memories of Weymouth over the years, including the hot summer of 1975, when the sun seemed to shine all day every day and the sea was warm! Although they have always lived and worked in Birmingham, their visits to his parents’ house that year were almost weekly! They admired that Weymouth has always been a vibrant busy resort and found it great to be able to mingle with the visiting holidaymakers while having the comfort of being able to return to their house in the evening and settle down. Mr & Mrs Hodson looked forward to their occasional ‘Scrabble’ evenings with their neighbors and long walks over Bowleaze Cove where Pontins had a holiday camp at the time.

This year, Mr & Mrs Hodson will be travelling to Weymouth with Johnsons Coaches! Gifted as a Christmas present, they will be enjoying their few days away without having to worry about driving. They are regular travellers with Johnsons including two consecutive Christmas holidays in Torquay!

Photograph: Mr & Mrs Hodson overlooking Chesil Beach in July 2013