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Date Added 25/03/2023

We recently interviewed our General Manager, Kyran Flynn, to give an insight into the people behind the business. We asked him number of questions in which his responses convey the family values that are an integral part of Johnsons. Kyran has worked hard to achieve his current role as general manager after starting at Johnsons as an assistant in the reservations department.

Why did you want to work at Johnsons?

Johnsons has a fantastic reputation regionally and has a proud family history. Having previously worked in my own family business I felt that this was a great fit for me, even during my interview I could tell John was enthusiastic and passionate about growing this business.


How long have you worked at Johnsons and what roles have you worked in?

I am approaching my 6th year at Johnsons, having joined as a Reservations Assistant in July 2017. Within two weeks of me joining the business I was promoted to Assistant Manager due to the existing Assistant Manager leaving the business.

By October of the same year, after a vacancy became available due to childcare issues, I successfully interviewed for the Reservations Manager job which I stayed in for around 4 years. November 2021 I was promoted to the companies first ever General Manager which is the position I am in now.


How did you come to start working in Reservations?

I applied with little experience, having been in and out of jobs for a while. John gave me an interview and I seemed to make an impression. Within a week of interview, I was looking forward to starting in Reservations and selling the products our customers know and love.


What do you enjoy most and least about your role?

What do I enjoy the most… that is a difficult question because every day is different. I love seeing our customers and clients happy, we are providing them a service that ultimately makes people feel a whole range of emotions, from weddings to big corporate events, funerals and our holidays. In turn, seeing happy staff too, Johnsons is a great place to work and working within the travel industry, gives you a great buzz.

What do I enjoy the least… situations out of our control. For instance, travel is affected a lot by the weather so when our services are affected due to the snow this has great impact on customers, staff and the business. We hate letting people down when the situation is out of our control!


What was the recent course/ exams you completed?

I have just completed and passed my management CPC course which enables me to become Transport Manager for the business (legally responsible for Transport operation in the business and listed on the Operating license)


What are the benefits of completing the course?

It broadens your skillset and is a recognised qualification in our industry. It allows Johnsons the freedom of having people responsible for the legal aspects of all operation, from maintenance to scheduling, compliance to quotes for coaches.


What did you learn on the course that was useful to the industry?

For me personally it gave me an opportunity to widen my knowledge in this industry. I had good experience in sales and the commercial aspects of the coach industry, so this allowed me to broaden my horizons, learning a vast range of skills and techniques, more specific to operations.


What are your hopes and aspirations for the following year?

Busier than 2022! We had a great year last year and we want to target more and better service. We provide excellent customer service to our clients and I want to target even better, we can push for near perfection in everything we do and I hope that will reflect in what we provide.


What have you found difficult/ challenging in your current role?

Balancing decisions around the cost of living, including the fuel situation. The fuel market is as hostile as it ever has been in the past 12 months and making decisions has proved difficult, with this situation moving every hour! We are aware that our staff have rising costs at home so we want to be able to support them as much as we can, while keeping the prices to our customers as reasonable as possible too.


Where is your favourite destination?

A tough one! Edinburgh, I love it there! There is a fine balance of history and listed buildings to modern restaurants, shops and pubs! There is plenty to do there and plenty to see so it’s difficult to fit it all into one trip! However the UK has a lot to offer Cornwall, North Wales and Cumbria some other of my favourite places. 

Outisde of the UK, I have visted several places, my personal favourite was Norway. The views, the scenery and the people were fantastic, I was fortunate enough to be able to cruise many Fjords. This should be the top of anyones list!


What is your favourite trip you’ve been on with Johnsons?

I thoroughly enjoyed our 3-day tour with the Seemore Club at Saunton Sands Hotel. The location is fantastic, wind rain or shine there is plenty to do around the hotel and the spa should be the top of anyone’s list! The beach is only 2 minutes walk away and Barnstaple a short drive, so plenty to explore and see, while having a relaxing time too.

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