What makes Great Breaks so great?

Date Added 21/02/2023

We are excited to introduce, we have launched a new Great Breaks Brochure! Great Breaks are weekends and short breaks to cities, coasts and countryside, secured with just a £50 deposit when booking!

As always, we can’t wait to visit some of our favourite destinations but have also added in some more new and exciting places to tempt you. Keep an eye out for our new ‘One Night City Breaks’- a superb collection of one night city breaks that will certainly appeal to the more independent traveller, who prefer more free time to explore at their own pace.

Our Great Breaks are aimed at our day trip customers, who would like to spend more time at the attraction or destination, and they offer great value for money. Within a few hours you can escape to the beautiful UK countryside, stroll along a seafront promenade, go shopping in a medieval arcade or take your place at one of the special events we are featuring.

Nowhere is that far from home so treat yourself and celebrate a special location with friends and family or simply get away from it all for a few days – We are sure that there is a Great Break here that is just right for you.

Once again, we include popular towns and cities to explore including Liverpool, York, Bristol, Edinburgh, Bath and Sidmouth - so you can spend the day as you please. Then, return to our carefully chosen hotel for dinner.

During the festive period we include admissions to some attractions such as The Thursford Christmas Spectacular, Christmas at Chatsworth, Harrogate, and Kew Gardens - so you can enjoy the day without rushing back home.

But don’t just take our word for it, CLICK HERE to view all Johnsons Great Breaks!

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