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Date Added 10/08/2022


It's no secret that the climate is changing and the environment has been impacted by emissions from the travel industry. It's important that we think about our carbon footprint whilst travelling, opting for the most viable mode of transport that has the lowest impact on the environment. So how can travelling by coach help? I hear you ask, well…

Coaches are among the cleanest, greenest vehicles on our roads, with average carbon dioxide emissions per passenger per journey being around 5 times lower than air travel, 6 times lower than car travel and 1.5 times lower than rail. Along with this, one coach load of people which can keep up approximately 20-30 cars off the roads amounts to notable savings in carbon dioxide emissions. When calculated per person, coaches can slash greenhouse emissions by up to 75% compared to even the cleanest, hybrid cars.

Coaches will continue to play an important role in the road to Net Zero, 56% of carbon dioxide emissions come from cars & taxis, just 3% of carbon emissions come from coaches & buses! If there was an increase of just 15% in coach passenger journeys by British people each year, it could lead to approximately 47 million fewer cars on the road, saving over a quarter of a million tonnes of carbon dioxide and significantly reducing congestion on our roads, meaning less time spent with vehicles idling on the roads stuck in traffic leading to a further reduction in emissions.

Changing from car to coach for all viable journeys will help the UK towards its goal of reducing carbon emissions up to 80% by 2050.  Here at Johnsons we are looking to do everything we possibly can do, to do our bit for the future of our planet. We hope that our customers will also do the same and help us look after our planet!


So before you book a holiday where you’re going to be driving a car for just the two of you, why not check out our holidays and we can work together to reduce carbon emissions!

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