The Benefits of Travelling by Coach

Date Added 19/08/2022

Travelling by Coach has many benefits:

  • Comfort: All of our coaches are designed for maximum comfort for our customers, we ensure they are all kept tidy, clean and up to date! Majority of our Coaches have extra leg room to provide that extra piece of comfort.

  • Facilities: Toilet/Washroom, Air-Con, Reclining Seats and most of our Coaches have Charging Ports for your mobile phone.

  • Storage Space: Coaches have a lot of room for storage, so if you've only got a small car which means taking thing away with you such as; walking sticks, pushchairs or sports equipment is difficult, taking a coach holiday can allow for that extra room you may need!

  • See the Sights: Don't worry about having to drive, focus on seeing the Landmarks out the window and you don't have to stress about the journey!

  • Safety: Travelling by Coach is 5 times safer than travelling by Car. Our Coaches are serviced regularly and maintained daily on-site! Our Drivers are also Highly Trained and CRB Checked!

  • Parking: Park at our Depot or one of our Pick up points or Even leave your car at home and have us pick you up from the comfort of your own space and let us worry about parking out and about! It's one more thing you don't need to pay for when you're budgeting your holidays!

  • It's better for the Environment! A coach full of people means approximately 20 cars off the road!

  • Discover More! if you want to discover more about our country and have the opportunity to experience it all without the hassle of needing to research and plan routes - then coach travel sounds like the perfect solution for you!


We believe that everyone should experience a Coach holiday at least once, you might be surprised about how much you like it! 

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