X20 Bus Service

From the Bard's Town to the Bullring!

About the X20 Route:

The X20 bus route from Stratford to Birmingham was started by Johnsons a hundred years ago with a horse and cart moving goods. In the 1920s Johnsons began moving fare paying passengers and the route now transports 10,000 passengers each month.

We have invested in NEW double decker buses named Romeo and Juliet which offer the highest standards in passenger comfort with high back E leather seats and WIFI USB ports for charging mobile devises. Equipped with Euro 6 engines, the new buses are lighter, more fuel efficient , quieter and more environmentally-friendly as they emit very low emissions and pollutants.

To get in touch with the Bus Team please call 01564 797070 or email  businfo@johnsonscoaches.co.uk.

Please note the X20 bus service will be updated from Sunday 23rd April 2017. Please click here to view the updated timetable.

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