Coach Travel Revival for Brits

Date Added 20/03/2017

The Coach Tourism Association (CTA) recently conducted a first ever nationwide survey of more than 25,000 people and it found that almost all coach holidaymakers are set to continue doing so and a sizeable number of non-coach users to be trying coach holidays for the first time over the next few years.

Perhaps it’s the falling value of the pound, the looming unknowns of Brexit or the comfort and ease of coach travel that we British like the idea of taking our short breaks and holidays by coach.

The nationwide survey included the responses of over 1,000 of Johnsons Coach Travel’s clients, which is based in Henley-in-Arden and provides coach holidays and day trips for people in the Midlands area.

The survey found that 92% of those who already take coach holidays will continue to do so, while 43% of non-coach travel users (across all ages) say that are likely to try it for the first time within five years. And the chief reason given was that coach holidays are so easy; they take the hassle out of travelling.

Already more than 18 million day trips are taken by coach and the CTA estimates that well over five million go on a short break or longer holiday by coach, spending £1.4 billion a year. Survey respondents say they take an average of 2.3 trips per year in the UK and 1.2 trips abroad.

John Johnson, Commercial Director of Johnsons Coach Travel, said: “This is the first time the CTA have conducted such a survey and the findings lay a lot of assumptions to rest. Age was one such assumption. As you might expect, coach travel is most favoured by the over-65s but almost 40% of the respondents are below that age.

“The chief reason why people choose a coach holiday is that they take the hassle out of travel and they’re a social way to travel.”

Chris Wales, CE of the CTA, said: “As well as giving us such valuable insights, the survey shows how coach tourism on the rise. It is tremendously popular mong existing users, and almost half of non-coach users plan to give it a try within five years. The market for coach holidays is growing significantly”.

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