Johnsons Coaches joins forces with The Coach Travel Group

Date Added 11/06/2024

Johnsons Coaches, including Whittles Coaches, is delighted to announce that it has merged with leading operators from across the UK to form a ‘super group’ in coach travel.

The Coach Travel Group is changing the face of the UK coach travel industry by bringing together seven market-leading businesses. The strategic acquisition of Alpine Travel, Barnes Coaches, Coatham Coaches, JH Coaches, Johnsons Coaches, Swans Travel and The Ready Group has resulted in a stronger, more pioneering company that promises to uphold and develop high standards in the sector.

Based just outside Birmingham, Johnsons Coaches, including Whittles Coaches, has been serving its local communities for more than a century and has now joined forces with like-minded operators from across the country. The union under The Coach Travel Group brand signals is an exciting development for passengers in the West Midlands region.

"Today marks a big step, not just for Johnsons and Whittles Coaches but for our new partners and the UK coach travel industry," said Kyran Flynn, General Manager of Johnsons Coaches.

“For our holiday and excursion customers, through cooperation with other member operators in the group, we will be in a position to offer more choice and variety of products and destinations, and even better value for money. For our coach hire customers, by sharing the peak workload with our partners, we’ll be able to ensure that we never have to say ‘no’ to any customer requests!

“We are now part of a larger group built by coach companies, and we remain committed to maintaining the personal service and attention to detail that have been hallmarks of our family-run business. Our focus on customer satisfaction and community engagement will continue to be our priority.”


Commitment to raising standards

With its combined expertise and ambitious plans, including the prospect of future acquisitions, The Coach Travel Group is now seen as the leading provider and employer in the coach travel industry. The new brand benefits from each company’s reputation for safety, customer service, operational delivery and a culture of respect for all stakeholders.

Every firm in The Coach Travel Group is committed to delivering high-quality customer service. This is due to prioritising operational and safety standards and a promise of continuous investment in people, technology, vehicles, and services that guarantee reliability and comfort for every passenger.


Local expertise and UK coverage

Over the years, Johnsons Coaches and its fellow partners have developed unrivalled expertise and connections in the local community. These core values underpin The Coach Travel Group, and while the new brand can operate across the UK, its services will remain as personal and community-focused as ever.

Kyran added: “Recognising that Peter and John Johnson are approaching retirement, over the past 18 months we have developed a strong senior management structure consisting of Ashley Brown, Head of Operations, Andy Leyland, Head of Finance and Lauren Davies, Head of Business, Sales and Marketing, plus myself. This will ensure our business continues to thrive and succeed whilst still maintaining our strong family values, along with our existing management team.

“Joining The Coach Travel Group will strengthen our business even further by helping to secure a bright future for our staff and to deliver even higher standards to our customers.

“By becoming part of a larger group, we will achieve economies of scale in various important cost areas. This will help us deliver even better value for money for all our customers in the future. Enjoy a comfortable and convenient travel experience with our fleet of modern coaches driven by professional and polite drivers.

“Our long-term goals are to provide future job security and satisfaction for our staff and enhanced services for our customers, while retaining our well-known brand and our hard-earned reputation for excellent and personal customer service.”


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