Date Added 29/06/2023

Compared to other styles of travel, holidays by coach have proven over the years to score very highly for happy social interaction!  The fact that a holiday coach does not have a class hierarchy, like ‘First’ or ‘Business’ class, and because a group of people travelling together on a coach, will naturally, spend a fair amount of time together.  This is due to the nature of the holiday – that meals are taken together and attractions are visited together – so people get to know each other during the holiday and, most importantly, make new friends.  This is why holidays by coach are so popular with people travelling alone.

Our latest statistics speak for themselves – in 2022, we took almost 7,000 customers on holiday and out of these, 2710 were single travellers – that’s a pretty amazing 39%!  The trend is continuing this year…So far we’ve booked 6478 customers, of which 2838 are in single rooms, or double or twin rooms for sole occupancy – that’s 44% of all bookings! So, it just shows that at Johnsons we welcome single travellers and have been successful at meeting demand, by securing a high number of rooms for sole occupancy when we contract our hotels, and also by pestering them for more to meet the demand – we don’t like to disappoint our customers!  Finally, through all our 42 years of operating holidays by coach, it’s been heart warming to hear the regular stories from our customers, where they found themselves alone, but then taken the brave step of booking a holiday with us, and then been so pleased to have done so, as they’ve made new and lasting friendships during their travels. 

It will always be the case with all hotels, that rooms for single occupancy will be in short supply, and that supplements will often apply. However, we have to understand that hoteliers need to fill their rooms. But, rest assured we’ll keep working hard to look after our single travellers!  

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