Safe Driving Awarded at Johnsons

Date Added 01/06/2016

Johnsons Coach & Bus Travel awarded 39 of their drivers with industry safe driving awards this week. The ROSCO Safe Driving Awards are given to drivers who have had a year free of accidents and this in itself is an achievement but to have consecutive years without an accident is exceptional.

The ROSCO (Road Operator Safety Council) Safe Driving Awards have been running for over 50 years and some 52,000 drivers nationwide are registered annually by more than 100 bus and coach companies.  

Thirty-four drivers achieved accident free years from 1 year to 4 years; Sam Blatherwick and Simon Prosser achieved 5 years free of accidents; Gary Powell achieved 6 years free of accidents; Andy Daw achieved 13 years free of accidents; and Kevin Bridges achieved 38 years free of accidents. Very few drivers have reached the impressive total of 38 years continuous safe driving.

Kevin has worked in the bus industry for over 40 years and started driving buses as the age of 21, he has seen traffic change dramatically over the years of his career and believes that most drivers do not take time to read road safety situations properly and drive with less care than is needed. He commented: “No two days of driving buses are the same as I cover all the Stratford-Upon-Avon routes which include town journeys with lots of traffic - to countryside routes with tractors and livestock in the road.  I am really proud of my record for 38 years of continuous road safety and am pleased that safe driving is acknowledged by ROSCO and Johnsons.”

Tony Wallace, Associated Director of ROSCO commented: “The Road Operators Safety Council is a charity which is set up to promote safe driving amongst professional drivers and the drivers above have demonstrated their ability to drive in a professional and safe manner on today’s roads which is no easy task to achieve”.

John Johnson, Commercial Director at Johnsons Coach & Bus Travel commented: “To achieve 38 years without a blameworthy accident or prosecution is a fantastic achievement and a milestone every professional driver should aspire to. We are very proud of Kevin”

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