Johnsons supporting B'ham Children's Hospital and St Basils for 2020

Date Added 04/03/2020

After last years success of raising £10,000 for Helping Hands and Henley Scout Hut, we’ve been on the hunt for a couple other worthy charities to raise funds for this year...


Birmingham Children’s Hospital.
After meeting with Helen Miles, (Corporate Fundraising Manager) it was clear that this was a fantastic charity to represent. Located in the centre of Birmingham, Steelhouse Lane to be exact, they do an unbelievable job taking care of sick children from all across the West Midlands and beyond.
They have a wide range of fundraising events ongoing throughout the year which many of the staff will take part in. I’m sure many people reading will have had some form of experience with the BCH and know how wonderful they are and will agree that this is a great cause to give to.
We were told some fantastic stories about what the charity have done for families in the past. One being that a little girl in America couldn’t have the surgery she needed at home, so she and her family had to fly to England to have the operation at the BCH! This just shows how everyones donations have impacted what the hospital is now capable of.
St. Basils
Meeting Luke Selibas (Business and Communities Executive) about what the charity does and the impact they have, it was heart warming to see what they have previously done for people in some unfortunate situations.
Starting in 1972, they have a wealth of experience in helping youth of today find their feet when life has thrown it’s worst their way. They help people aged 16-25 who are homeless or vulnerable. Their main aims are to create accomodation which meets the needs and requirements of the individual and also, to raise the aspirations of young people, providing support services and basically ensuring young people get the support they need to grow their future potential. Each year they help over 5,000 young people in the West Midlands, housing over 1,500 in their 34 supported accommodation schemes, which for some include their young children as well.
It costs £5 per person per night to accomodate someone so all donations really do make a massive impact on these young people and can make all the difference.
We hope you can get involved with fundraising this year when it comes to raffles or events that we have on where we're raising funds for these causes!
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