Environmentally Friendly Coach and Bus Travel with Johnsons

Date Added 02/03/2020

It's a struggle sometimes to transport large groups of people to a destination for conferences or events. This is where coaches play a huge part in the success of an event or conference. They're efficient, comfortable and they're an easy way to ensure everyone is safe and transported to the destination with little issues.

Not just that, Coach travel is one of the most environmentally friendly forms of Transport possible. Transporting many people to a destination with one vehicle reduces the amount of pollution of having everyone driving themselves. Also, reducing noise pollution and traffic in built up areas with less vehicles!

Here at Johnsons, we have 21 Euro 6 emission standard coaches, investing £1.5 million in these new vehicles recently. Here's some statisitcs on how eco-friendly coach travel really is...

  • A single coach/bus can eliminate up to a mile of car traffic from the roads.
  • A coach/bus is about 3.7 times the size of an average car and can carry about 25 times the amount of people with the same amount of emissions.

We have 48 coaches and are one of the Midlands leading coach operators and our modern fleet will ensure all event organisers are impressed with our livery, driven by professional, friendly and uniformed drivers!

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