Johnsons Trial First Electric Bus in Warwickshire

Date Added 20/01/2020

A state-of-the-art electric bus took to roads around Warwickshire last week and was greeted with a thumbs up by users. The demonstrator full electric bus from the UK distributor for Yutong was trialled over three days with potential contactors such as National Grid, NFU Mutual and Warwickshire County Council

The response was very positive. "Passengers and drivers alike immediately recognised the benefits an electric vehicle offers" said John Johnson, Commercial Director of Johnsons. "A much quieter and smoother ride, improved driver experience and zero gas and particulate emissions to the local environment - even the heating and air conditioning is powered from the bus battery! Based on the trial, it appears the cost of electricity to operate the bus is less than a quarter of the equivalent diesel cost." 

Richard Crump, Managing Director of Pelican Bus & Coach, the UK agent for Yutong said; "There are now over 100,000 similar buses in operation in China and around world and have been for 10 years. These buses are Zero emission - future proof." 

The rise in sustainable travel has increased over recent years with passengers looking for ways to become more environmentally friendly. Environmental sustainability is of great importance to many potential contractors including National Grid who are passionate about running their business in an environmentally responsible way. Johnsons carried out an on-board questionnaire with employees travelling on the electric vehicle with many mentioning that they would "adapt their commuting habits to become more environmentally friendly." 

Sara Habib, Head of Workplace Services for National Grid said "Our colleagues at National Grid were very positive about the electric bus and their journey. The trial reflects our commitment to encouraging and supporting colleagues to reduce their impact on the environment, this includes reducing CO2 emissions and finding more sustainable ways of travelling to work to help stem climate change and create a cleaner, greener Britain."

Peter Johnson, Operations Director said; "For three years now, we've invested heavily in the latest cleanest Euro 6 diesel engines for our coach and bus fleet, but zero emission electric vehicles has to be the future."

Discussions are continuing, with potential customers who place additional importance to the provision of environmental sustainability for transport. 

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