Johnsons debut on BBC Midlands Today!

Date Added 06/09/2019

Did you catch us on BBC Midlands Today last night?

We were featured with dedicated Solihull Moors fans travelling to Scotland for an unmissable Saturday Match on leaving at 5:30am going to Kelty Hearts near Fife and arriving back in Solihull at around 2am!

Simon Gray and Barry Molineux, avid Solihull Moors fans reveal just why they do it:

"It's fantastic to continue the developments of the club, our first experience for Solihull Moors, and will be great to raise the profile of Solihull itself."

The players will fly there on Saturday representing the National League in the Scottish Challenge Cup. 

The club isn't short of ambition, and we couldn't be prouder for transporting the fans to see their team in a way they've never seen them before.

If you would like to see us please follow this link to BBC iPlayer:

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