A touch of Salisbury

Date Added 23/08/2019

On your way into Salisbury, you are greeted by a wealth of scenery and cobbled streets. Whether you live locally or are in Salisbury for a long weekend there is plenty to keep you entertained.

Stonehenge may come into your mind when you first think of Salisbury, but fear not, there are plenty more activities for you to get stuck into and places to see. Leaving Henley in Arden the weather seemed to put a bleak dampener on our day. However, approaching Salisbury and when we arrived we were greeted by the lovely sun and warm climate, what more could we ask for?

Upon arrival, we were enlightened with a wonderful speech from the Dean of Salisbury and John Johnson himself. Surrounded by historic elements of the city you really begin to appreciate its beauty in the sunlight. Whilst walking around the cobbled streets of Salisbury you notice how much history the town has, not only the Cathedral but it is obvious to see every building and every foundation has a story behind it.

As the day passed by the sun shone even more, and when strolling around the Cathedral Close you realise you are walking amongst architecture spanning 6 centuries. Additionally, if you’re looking for something more local to delve into the Salisbury Independent shops are unmissable, with a downloadable map just a few clicks away.

Most of all, just enjoy the great outdoors with Salisbury, there are always buildings to wander around with huge amounts of history attached to them, and woodland to take a slow walk admiring the view.

Salisbury really is a great place to visit, a real focal point of British heritage, there is no short of anything to get up to, and always a surprise around a cobbled street corner.

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