Investment in new Vehicles!

Date Added 01/06/2018


We have welcomed two new coaches to the family this month as part of our fleet renewal programme, which will maximise ourr contribution to reduce the harmful emissions attributed to diesel engines.   

The two new coaches are Scania ‘Finesse’ 13m coaches with 53 seats, designed mostly to be part of their busy Private Coach Hire fleet. These highly popular coaches all have reclining half real leather executive seats, toilet, climate control, audio and visual equipment and USB charging points. The coaches were also joined by two new Ford Torneo Mini-Buses which arrived in April.

The Scania's are equipped with engines that meet the latest ‘Euro 6’ regulations set by the European Commission which strictly limits the amount of harmful exhaust gases motor vehicles can emit.  

Compared with the previous Euro 5 emissions standard, which focused largely on carbon dioxide emissions – Euro 6 is particularly targeting nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions, as well as sulphur dioxide, carbon monoxide, hydrocarbon, and diesel particulate matter emissions, in addition to CO2.

NOx emissions have been scientifically linked to respiratory diseases and other health issues, plus environmental damage including acid rain; the Euro 6 standard forces vehicle manufacturers to reduce NOx by more than 55 percent.  

John Johnson, Commercial Director of Johnsons Coach Travel said: “We are investing heavily in vehicles with the latest state of the art engine technology.  We now have 20 Euro 6 coaches and buses and more investment is already being planned for next year.  Air Quality legislation will increase in the future.  London already has its Low Emission Zone, (LEZ), and will soon move to implement its ‘Ultra’ - ULEZ too.  And other major cities, like Birmingham - right on our doorstep are moving to introduce Clean Air Zones (CAZ’s). We are well placed to meet the needs of our customers and these new regulations.” 


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