George Morton, a Coach Driver for over 60 years!

Date Added 09/03/2018

Today we bade a fond farewell to George (Burt) Morton who died after a short illness at the age of 84.  George was a proper coach driver through and through – ‘a chip off the old block’; He was always immaculately dressed, always on time and always helpful with his customers – a thorough professional, These qualities were created no doubt by his strong self-discipline, acquired during his time as a staff sergeant  in the Army. 




George was de-mobbed in 1955 and, equipped with both a HGV and PSV licence he started his career with Midland Red as a mechanic and coach driver, then joined leading midlands operator Smiths Imperial of Sparkbrook in 1961. These were the hey days of coach travel and George was one of the pioneer drivers, who took groups all over Britain and Western Europe, long before air travel and cruises and even motorways became mainstream! At Smiths he was known by all his customers and fellow staff as ‘Burt’…which was taken from his middle name ‘Albert’,  because there was another George there at the time.  



When Roger Smith closed Smiths in 2002,  George, along with another long-serving Smiths employee, Tony Smitheman,  joined Johnsons Coaches of Henley-in-Arden, where he very quickly became a highly respected member of the driving team; highly thought of by all, for his total professionalism and reliability, in all weathers and driving all sorts of vehicles, at any time of day and night.  Director, John Johnson said “George was a very proud man too, and took great pride in being able to carry out any work, as well as any other driver, even in his advancing years. He wasn’t happy with me when I had to insist that at the age of 82 I couldn’t let him drive overnight ski holidays to Europe anymore!”



George became a valued part time driver in his last few years but still remained true to his very high standards, right up to the end of his coach driving career, that had spanned over 60 years!  He will be remembered with much respect and admiration by everyone that he met.

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