Changes to Redditch Bus Services

Date Added 17/11/2017

From Tuesday 2nd to Saturday 6th January 2018, we will operate a temporary 150 bus service, until our NEW 150 and 350 bus service comes into action on Monday 8th January.

Temporary 150 Timetable

Worcestershire County Council have recently awarded Johnsons Excelbus the tender to run the 350 bus service between Redditch and Worcester, and this comes in to place on Tuesday 2nd January 2018.

However, as the Redditch to Birmingham section of our timetable can only be changed on Monday 8th January, we are running a temporary timetable for this week between 2nd and 6th January 2018.

Click here for the temporary timetable.

The 150 timetable between Birmingham and Redditch bus station will remian unaltered and peak time extensions between Alexandra Hospital will continue with the temporary timetable.

There will be a new timetable running for journeys between Redditch and Worcester which will operate via Worcestershire Royal and be numbered 350. The 150 will still travel as far as Worcester, via County Hall, and start and finish at Maypole.

New 150 and 350 service from Monday 8th January 2018

The new 150 and 350 timetables will then start on Monday 8th January 2018. The 350 service between Redditch and Worcester will be run on behalf of Worcester County Council; and we will continue to run the Redditch to Birmingham 150 timetable as a commerical basis. Please note we do not receive a financial subsidy for this 150 service, and without funding we are left with no choice but to make some alterations to ensure the route remains viable for us to operate.

Click here for the 150 and 350 timetables

These 150 alterations include:

  • The service between Maypole and Birmingham will operate as a limited stop basis to improve journey times.
  • Woodrow and Alexandra Hospital will only be served Monday to Friday at peak times.
  • There will still be a bus from Maypole to Worester in the morning and one returning from Worcester in the afternoons.
  • Due to low passenger numbers the service on Saturday afternoons has been reduced to a 90 minute frequency.
  • The service will still operate hourly on Saturday mornings.
  • Please note we will still continue to serve Bransons cross and Portway as we do at present, but we have removed the timing points for these, as due to safety reasons, the bus cannot wait at these locations for a period of time.

New 64 Bus Service

From Tuesday 2nd January we will also commence a NEW 64 bus service between Redditch, Asda, Lodge Park and Woodrow North on Mondays to Saturdays.

Click here for the 64 timetable

Please click here to view our timetables. Printed copies are in production and will be available from your driver shortly.

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