Top 5 UK Staycation Destinations for 2022!

Date Added 01/01/2022

Top 5 UK Staycation Destinations for 2022!

Staycations in the UK are notorious for things like fish and chips, sand or pebbled beaches, quaint little pubs, charming tea rooms and restaurants filled with local produce and delicacies and of course naturally sunshine and showers, it is the UK after all. But of course, you simply cannot leave any British tourist destination without taking some local souvenirs home with you some classic fudge, a stick of rock, a box of biscuits for the neighbour that’s been looking after the house while you’ve been away or a simple tea towel with an image of the town you’ve been staying in, so you can reminisce over the washing up one mundane Monday evening.

With Covid impacting summer 2021 plans, staycations rocketed in popularity. This gave those that aren’t usual UK holiday makers the opportunity to see the beauty on offer without having to get on a plane. In this week’s blog we’ve taken it upon ourselves to make your 2022 staycation planning a whole lot easier and let you know the top 5 destinations that you need to be visiting.


    The Lake District

If your looking for peace, tranquillity and to simply be at one with spectacular outdoor scenery, the Lake District is the place. Nestled in England’s North Western corner lies Cumbria and the home of the Lake District. The destination described as one of the most beautiful places in the UK. It was shaped during the Ice Age when glaciers sculpted U-shaped valleys, some of which filled with water to create the magnificent lakes that the area is now famous for.

A region and national park, with the largest, deepest lake, Lake Windermere and the highest mountain in England, Scafell Spike coming in at a height of 3,210 ft. The Lake District is renowned for its natural beauty and for being an absolutely stunning setting of lakes, forests, mountains, peaks, valleys and rolling hills with breath-taking, timeless views at both day and night. You can enjoy the area in any way you please either in a leisurely fashion or of the active traveller style, there’s a wide range of activities and attractions to suit everyone’s desires.

It comes as no surprise that more than a quarter of the UK’s population visits the Lake District each year. It is also known to be a magnet for writers and artists to flock to, to get their inspiration, including Beatrix Potter and William Wordsworth. The Lake District is a must for nature lovers and explorers!



Its hard to find anyone who hasn’t been to Cornwall at least once in their life. It’s almost a love affair that lasts a lifetime, because you always seem to go back for more!

Cornwall is famed for being one of the leading holiday destinations in the UK, year in year out. During the summer months the beaches of Cornwall could rival those of an exotic climate, with beautiful backdrops that have inspired generations of creatives. With the longest Coastline in Britain you are never more than 16 miles from the sea, the local food delicacies, the sailing and surfing scene, the hidden coves and stunning landscapes, the list could go on for as long as the coastline for why everyone adores Cornwall.

Cornwall’s national dish has been famed across the world, the Cornish delight that is a pasty. It’s said that no visit to Cornwall is in fact complete without a daily pasty. Traditionally thick knotted crust with a savoury meat and vegetable filling or a controversial option of a sweet, dessert filling. The name Cornish Pasty is actually protected and can only be used for pasties made in Cornwall, all using the traditional ingredients of course. But, there is also Cornish ice cream, Cornish clotted cream, Cornish fudge, Cornish pudding the Cornish specialities are endless. Which leads us to the most important debate of all the classic ‘Are you Cornwall or Devonshire when it comes to cream tea etiquette?’

Everyone seems to have their own treasured spots in Cornwall that fill them with nostalgia and fond memories, places with little quirks and unique corners. This makes it difficult to pin point the best area to holiday to, although you could truly never be disappointed.  The south coast is labelled the Cornish Riviera with picturesque harbour villages. Then the north coast is notorious for its cliffs and seaside towns.  When it comes to Cornwall you just have to go back to explore some more.



Sandbanks is a small peninsula crossing the mouth of Poole Harbour on the English Channel coast of Poole in Dorset.  Sandbanks is literally nothing but sand, the sand was washed by the tides from cliff erosion further along the coast of Poole Bay, eventually forming a spit of sand dunes partially obstructing the mouth of Poole Harbour. So it is hard to believe how this windswept wasteland has become a tourist and millionaires coastal hotspot.

Sandbanks is in fact one of the most exclusive areas in the world  with arguably the best beach in the UK with miles of soft golden sand, in fact it’s a beach that has been awarded the blue flag, an independent recognition of environmental excellence. As well as its crystal clear water and stunning views, Sandbanks completely captivates people. It’s as though you have been transcended to a private island, with plenty of activities to engage in, including every water sport you could possibly imagine, a picture perfect walk along the beachside promenade where you can walk all the way to Bournemouth. Or simply enjoy some fine dining and specialised seaside delicacies.

There seems to be a special atmosphere surrounding Sandbanks, possibly why it attracts the rich and famous, as most recently it is known as a sun-soaked millionaire’s playground. The area offers the exclusive seclusion, beautiful scenery, stylish charm and escapism that is usually found in an overseas lifestyle.

A street in Sandbanks made up of 13 houses is now officially the most expensive stretch of coastal real estate in the world, with a combined property value of £93m. Because Sandbanks is a peninsula you cannot increase the number of properties on the land, therefore the supply and demand dictate the premium prices it currently offers.

Sandbanks is definitely somewhere to tick off the bucket list, even just for a day passing through Bournemouth.


    The Cotswolds

If you love postcard perfect villages, quaint and traditional architecture with charming details, exploring the corners of the Cotswolds is a must with the most idyllic villages scattered across it.

The Cotswolds is said to be the gateway to iconic cities. It covers a huge area, almost 800 square miles and even runs through 5 counties; Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire, Warwickshire, Wiltshire and Worcestershire. Similar to the love affair of Cornwall, the Cotswolds also repeatedly entices you in as there’s so much to explore you just can’t not go back.

With so much to explore, your almost spoilt for choice on where to go first. Every spot you visit has its own unique distinctive traits, filled with a rich abundance of history leading back to the Romans and Anglo-Saxons. But you will always find those defining Cotswold features of the honey-hued buildings, rolling green hills, ancient woodland, charming villages and towns. Enjoy plenty of rural walks in the British countryside with views that highlight the outstanding natural beauty of the Cotswolds. It is also known as a food lovers paradise, with local specialities on offer. So visit the Cotswolds if you’re after scenery that will completely capture your heart.



Whether you want relaxation, adrenaline, adventure, culture or entertainment, maybe it’s a family holiday, romantic getaway or a break away with friends that you’re after, Devon has everything you need to make your trip exactly how you wish.

The main difficulty when deciding to holiday in Devon is the age old question of North or South, with the distinctive difference being between the coastlines; Devon is the only English country with two separate ones. North Devon faces the wild Atlantic Ocean with big waves that attract surfers from all over the world, then South Devon faces the calmer, gentle English channel.  Both however have plenty in common including the beaches, whether it be pebbles or sand both are pretty spectacular, with incredible coastal paths some of the finest in Britain in fact, with trails to follow or pick up sparingly leading to magnificent views at every turn.

Devon is the home of fresh sea food and high quality locally produced food, with a plethora of celebrity chefs and Michelin star dining opportunities available. As well as beautiful quaint, cobbled streets filled with independent businesses where you will find charming cafes to enjoy traditional Devonshire Cream Teas, or even a spot of retail therapy. There is something on offer for those of all ages to enjoy and appreciate in Devon, including animal sanctuaries and zoos, theme parks, water parks, railway centres, museums, castles, forest adventures, entertainment for all.  You simply could not be disappointed whatever area of Devon you venture to.


Take a look at the holidays we have on offer to some of the UK’s top 5 staycation destinations!


The Lake District 



The Cotswolds



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