Top 10 Packing Tips!

Date Added 05/04/2022

Packing for your holiday is always an excting part of the holiday build up, but it can cause some stress and anxiety. So, becoming an efficient, smart packer is an essential step to becoming a stress free holiday maker!

Heres our top 10 packing tips! 

1.   Write a list, categorised into sections.

  • Necessities (travel documents/passports/money)
  • Daily itinerary
  • Clothing
  • Toiletries & Cosmetics
  • Medications
  • Electricals
  • Miscellaneous

2.  Luggage

Choosing the right bag to accompany you on your travels is important. Every destination, duration, and situation factor into making this decision. If you are a regular traveller, a set of different sized luggage bags/cases may be the smartest option.

  • Hand luggage- in any travelling scenario hand luggage is an essential.
  • If travelling through an airport the traditional extra 10kg can come in handy, it can also be good as an insurance policy if in fact your main luggage happens to go missing.
  • Travel backpack- If you are limited to the amount of luggage you can take, a backpack may be an essential, they are efficient and versatile.
  • Wheeled backpack- If you are constantly on the move but can carry slightly more items you may want the option of wheels on your backpack just for ease.
  • Suitcases with 2/4 wheels - Wheels just make life easier, there is no denying it. In terms of wheels deciding between 2 and 4 depends on the suitcase itself and how you feel. Therefore, testing out your suitcase before buying is a good idea.

3.   Weather-Wise

  • Check the weather for your destination and add additional items to clothing lists to accommodate, and of course that ‘just in case’ extra item.

4.   Roll up

  • Roll your clothes don’t fold them, this works as a space saver and means you don’t need to iron your clothes when you unpack.
  • Tip: Fill dead space! If you are taking a hat, stuff the inside with underwear/socks to retain the shape.

5.  Packing Cubes

  • Organiser’s dream. Everything is clear.
  • You can categorise EVERYTHING.
  • Also works well for separating your laundry on your return.

6.  Piles

  • Make individual piles of the outfits that relate back to your daily itinerary. This will determine if you have overpacked.
  • Try and pack pieces that can work with other outfits to save room in your case.
  • Always pack a couple of extras just as insurance.

7.  Towels

  • Always check before you travel if you need to bring a towel
  • Investing in a lightweight/easy drying towel can be beneficial.

8.  Toiletries

  • Using a clear toiletry bag is a good way of knowing exactly what you are taking
  • If there are any problems at the airport, it makes everything easier being able to see through the bag.
  • Decant your toiletries if you are travelling on a limit or for a short period.
  • If you take daily medication, a pill organiser is the best way to keep on track. It also saves you bringing too much or not enough.
  • With cosmetics, select your normal products and then assess any extras you may need- palettes/products that have dual purpose are always a winner. Top Tip- any makeup that has the potential to crack, place a cotton pad inside to act as a barrier.
  • Clear toiletry bags usually come in sets; you can use 1 as a travel medical/first aid (AKA the Mary Poppins bag.)

9.   Electricals

  • Writing down everything you’re taking that needs a charger.
  • A universal adaptor that can be adjusted to every country is handy, so you never get caught out.
  • Again a clear bag can be handy so you can see exactly what you have.

10.  Label Maker 

  • This option would be the more extreme end of organisation. But it definitely keeps things in order.
  • If your using packing cubes and separate bags labelling what’s in them can be a real time saver and an efficient way of not getting things mixed up.


Happy Packing!

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